3 Tips For Updating Your Laundry Room Space

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In many older homes, the laundry room wasn’t something that a lot of thought went into. But if you have a family, you know how much time is spent washing, drying, and folding clothes. Because of this, many modern homes have made laundry rooms that are far more functional than in generations past

If your laundry room isn’t living up to what you need it to be, here are three tips for updating your laundry room space and bringing it into the next decade. 

Get A Sink Put In

While not every person or family feels the need to have a sink in their laundry room, if you have kids or pets at home, you’ll know just how helpful it can be to have a sink right next to your washing machine.

Not only can a sink help with rinsing dirty clothes out before throwing them in the washer, but a sink right in your laundry room can make handwashing so much simpler. So if your laundry doesn’t already have a sink in it, or if the sink is too small for your needs, consider installing a large sink into this space to add some ease to your life. 

Include More Storage Space

For homes that already have a lot of storage space available, you might not think that you need any additional storage in your laundry room. But when you consider what you could be storing in this space, like laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, dirty clothes, clean clothes, and more, it makes sense to put the maximum amount of storage space in this room. 

If you can, try to build in some storage space so that things are off the floor and give you more room to move around in this space. But if this isn’t possible with the layout of your laundry room, using vertical storage or even overhead storage can work just as well. 

Think About Comfortable Heights For Surfaces

Many people struggle with completely finishing a load of laundry all in the same day. Sometimes, laundry will get forgotten in the washer. Other times, laundry will sit in the dry for days. So to make this process easier to get through entirely, you may want to make a folding station right there in your laundry room.

If you do choose to do this, make sure you think about comfortable heights for these surfaces. If you’re going to be folding multiple loads of laundry each day, you’ll want the height of the counter to accommodate not only your washer and dryer, but also your own height and posture. 

If your laundry room could be much more functional for you, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make this dream a reality.