5 Ways to Stop Global Warming at Home

Apart from many huge concerns which biggest countries face like terrorism, lack of jobs etc, the universal concern today is Global Warming. What is Global Warming? Is it that the atmosphere is getting all warmed up? Well, the answer is yes, however, it is not as simple as it sounds. It definitely means increase in the temperature near earth’s surface. Our climate responds to many external factors like volcanic eruptions, greenhouse gas and variations in earth’s orbit. When these warming effects result in more warming around the surface, the result is negative. It can actually result in emission of infrared radiations.

Carbon dioxide in atmosphere also results in global warming. Projects are undertaken on internal level to stop it all across the globe. We as an individual can also be part of this fight against Global Warming by taking care of few things at home and in our daily life. Below mentioned are the ways by which we can actually fight its Problem:

Way 1: Use compact fluorescent Bulbs: By using fluorescent bulbs, not just we will save money as they have much longer life than the basic light bulbs; we will also save power and can stop some portion of the carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere.

Way 2: Use recycled paper & cloth bag: Try and always use only recycled paper as this will save trees from getting cut down. This will not just avoid release of gases in atmosphere as if not recycled; the paper will be burnt, but also will save the trees. Also, start carrying your own cloth bag while shopping to avoid plastic bags. This will not only reduce the garbage but also will save extra energy consumption which goes in making these plastic bags.

Way 3: Buy less packaged food and that too organic: If you will buy food with less packaging, this will help to lessen the amount of litter and garbage around. This garbage gets burnt and again releases harmful gases in the atmosphere which in turn increases the level of global warming. Also, try and buy organic food items as they are not made using harmful chemicals. These chemicals when used in farming pollute the water ad the food items.

Way 4: Carpool: We all want to flash our own cars. Instead of doing that everyday, try and do that on turns. Start Carpool. This will save the fuel and will also result in less pollution. Hence, it will result in cutting down the Global Warming across.

Way 5: Plant Trees: The most effective way in which we can start our fight against its at home is by planting trees.
We can do that on special occasions like our birthdays, anniversaries and even New Year’s Day. More and more trees around will help to cut down the global warming problem by releasing life saving gases in the atmosphere. Trees also will help by absorbing harmful gases from the atmosphere around.

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