Add A Touch Of Nature To Any Home With A Tabletop Fountain

Perhaps the most versatile design, tabletop water feature come in hundreds of shapes and functions for indoor and outdoor use. These fountains are often lightweight and can incorporate the pleasing sound of trickling water to almost any setting. Because they are usually small, tabletop water features can be a focal point for a social area or an added piece of artwork to a bedroom or patio.

Indoor or outdoor?

Tabletop fountains are very popular indoors because of their size, different styles and because they are usually easy to move around. These types of fountains can transform any home to a tranquil area for meditating, sleeping or working. Running water creates a white noise that helps hide other noises while you sleep, and tabletop fountains can ease the uncomfortableness of tinnitus. And the water can also create a comforting sound for homes that are otherwise silent for a more enjoyable atmosphere. Tabletop fountains also play an important role in aromatherapy as you can simply add oils to the water for a relaxing scent. However, not all fountains are made for this purpose, so it is best to use each fountain as directed.

There are so many options for outdoor fountains, so maybe the most overlooked one is a tabletop fountain. For very small outdoor spaces or sitting areas, a tabletop fountain can be placed on a side table, adding relaxing sounds to the social scene.

The designs of table water fountains differ so dramatically that there is no “best” fountain out there. Some fountains use a cascading affect to create the subtle music of water, while others use movable or immovable rocks for the water to snake around. There are even desktop fountains that resemble water walls in which the water flows straight down. It is really up to you to decide which fountain produces the desired sound and fits your home’s d├ęcor.

Tabletop fountain maintenance

Distilled water is best to use in desktop fountains because it causes less wear to the pump. Over time, water will need to be added as some evaporates, and you should make sure small pets and children do not drink the water to avoid contaminates. Keep fountains on a sturdy, flat surface to avoid leaks and unwanted splashing. Also, it is best to put the fountain on a table that is out of the way of high traffic areas as you won’t want someone bumping into it. And finally, place table top fountains on a clean surface free of clutter that could clog the system.

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