Bedroom Inspiration

Most often, the bedroom is the last room to be redecorated. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is the one room that has the least visibility by our guests, and we don’t feel the pressure to keep it updated. Nevertheless, you spend a considerable amount of time in the bedroom, and you owe it to yourself to have a place you can retire to that makes you feel relaxed and content.

Once you’re ready to loosen the purse strings and spend some well deserved decorating money on yourself, all you’re going to need is the inspiration. Here are some timely ideas sure to stimulate your creative decorating juices.

Begin with a neutral canvas of a light calming color such as cream, wheat, linen or tan and a similar carpet shade. Add color using fabric and accessories. Don’t be scared to use stripes or florals for the drapes and add colorful accent pillows or side chairs.

Add a traditional chandelier for lighting and additional smaller wall sconces.

Instead of decorating the wall above the bed with a large picture, try adding a decorative shelf with flowers or an interesting sculpture.

Another alternative to a single large picture above the bed is a cluster or three smaller similarly themed prints.

Create a small sitting or meditation area with a lamp, small table and chair.

Hang a flowing silk canopy from the ceiling.

For a romantic, sensuous look, use deep orange or gold on the walls with a plum colored bedspread or accessories. Accent with wrought iron curtain rods and candle holders.

Combine slate blue, navy and chocolate brown for a full, rich look.

Revitalize an old headboard by covering it with microfibre, suede or leather.

If using a neutral palette, spice it up with bold red and black throw pillows, chairs or vases.

Decorate with a seasonal theme in mind. Warm yellows and sunflower evoke summer memories. Small floral prints and fresh green accents and pastels bring spring to mind.

Hang your drapes close to the ceiling and let them hang right down to the floor. Curtains hung too close to the window frame make the ceiling appear lower and the whole room looks darker. A good rule of thumb for mounting drapery rods is placing them 6 inches to 1 foot above the window molding.

When you begin decorating, start with an empty room, adding furniture and accessories gradually. Remember less is more. A cluttered bedroom won’t calm your nerves when you retire at night.

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