Bringing the Benefits of Residential Solar Installation Services to Your Home

The benefits of distributed solar electricity should be felt in every home.  Over the years, there has been an increase in the demand for solar installation because of the strengthened accessibility and affordability of solar products.

There has also been an improvement in consumer information and in implementing consumer protection measures regarding residential solar installation services. The Department of Energy has initiated aggressively driving innovations to make solar energy fully cost-competitive with traditional energy sources.

For many homeowners across the United States, an investment in a residential solar system is becoming a worthwhile investment and sometimes even considered profitable for many. Among many other benefits like significantly reduced energy costs, increased property value, and help in protecting the environment.

Residential Solar Installation Services

If you want to get the most from your solar installation investment, you can acquire solar installation services from professionals who can help you maximize your installation for the best and most efficient energy production for your home.  You can expect these services from a team of certified solar installers:


Residential solar installation services begin with identifying problems that may arise with your system and being able to immediately address the problem through thorough inspections and repair.


Certified and experienced technicians respect the warranty claims of a solar panel system and they can repair problems in a single visit.  Because of the potential of getting shocked in troubleshooting, electricians wear insulating shoes and gloves when performing such work.

Some common problems that occur in solar panels are:

  • Hotspots – micro-cracks that appear in the cells that decrease the overall voltage of the solar system

  • Junction box failure – increase in resistance because of exposure to moisture

  • Delamination – when moisture enters the electrical circuit of the panel creating a current leak or a short

  • PID (Potential Induced Degradation) – may cause power loss of up to 30 percent and harmful leakage currents

  • UV discoloration – fading can happen because your solar panels are rigorously exposed to sunlight where chemical changes in the coloring agents.


Technicians can  dispatch for  emergency service at any time of the day when a problem with your solar panel installation poses a risk to human safety.

Regular Maintenance 

Your solar panel system will need regular and consistent inspection and testing to make sure that our system is working at its optimum, is safe, functional, and performing efficiently.  You can expect them to perform routine maintenance procedures to aspects of your solar panel:

  • No parts have deteriorated or corroded
  • The vents are free from any form of debris
  • The switches are working properly and do not have defects
  • Wiring has not been damaged in any way.
  • Electrical checks to make sure that all components are operating as expected.
  • Confirming fittings and cables are attached securely and not moving or unstable.
  • Reviewing the inverter display panel for recorded faults.
  • Checking the access to the isolator switches has not been impeded.
  • Making sure the emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed in case of any emergency.
  • Making sure that the inverters are flashing green lights which means that your system is properly compensating for your electricity use.

    Cleaning of Solar Panels

If you can’t clean heavy debris and airborne dust form our panels, technicians can include this in their services. Thorough cleaning will ensure that energy production is at its optimum.

System Transfer

An installation team can help you with transfer paperwork especially for leased solar panel installations.

System Extension

If your household energy requirement increased because of new equipment or new appliances that use electricity, solar installers can add more panels to your existing ones to provide extra power and savings through a more efficient solar system.

Critter Guard

Solar installations in rural areas usually encounter issues with damages from wildlife. Solar installers can provide a guard system to protect your solar panels from further and future damage from these critters.

Be Energy Independent With Solar Installation Services

Make your home energy efficient and energy independent by obtaining residential solar installation services. Get maximum performance from your solar panels through proper installation and regular maintenance provided by the industry.

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