Certified Construction Manager (CCM)

Earning a certificate in construction management, and thus earning the title “Certified Construction Manager” (CCM), will establish your expertise in this position. CCM is considered one of the highest standards in this profession, and is the only CM certification that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute. Approximately 2,000 individuals hold this certification in the construction industry.

In order to qualify to earn this certification, there are two requirements. The first is 48 months experience as a CM in certain areas as shown by a specific Qualifications Matrix. This matrix includes areas such as project management, cost management, safety management, time management, contract administration, and quality management. Further focus includes pre-design, design, procurement, construction, and post-construction. There are certain focuses in which individuals must have focus. For example, pre-design and construction experience in project management, and design and construction in time management. A full chart should be studied to learn more about this requirement.

The project experience is the most important aspect of the whole certification process. Every project must be documented and submitted, along with a 2-4 page explanation of each project.

The second requirement asks for one of the following:
• an undergraduate or graduate qualifying degree
• a 2-year associates degree and four years experience in construction/design
• no degree and eight years experience in design/construction

Degrees that will satisfy this condition include architecture, construction science, civil engineering, construction management, construction engineering technology, etc. Universities must also be accredited by the Council for Higher Education and the U.S. Department of Education.

Within the exam, test takers will encounter seven different question subjects. Project Management, Cost Management, Time Management, and Safety & Risk Management each involve approximately 15% of the entire exam. Contract Administration will be 19%, while Quality Management is 11%, and Professional Practice is 9%. The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions, and will take five hours to complete.

After earning this certification, individuals must pay a fee of $200 every three years in order to become recertified. CMMs must also provide proof of fulfillment in three areas: involvement in the profession, contribution to the profession, professional development.

While this certification may not increase annual salary, the title will enhance an individual’s standing and expertise within their field. Since the certification exam contains questions regarding every aspect of the job, earning this title demonstrates advanced construction knowledge. Individuals must display an understanding concerning varying construction and/or design projects, and the processes involved from beginning to completion.

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