Choose The Best Timber For Your House

People often get confused between decking and composite decking. Composite timber decking in Sydney is considered to be less slippery than timber. Moreover, it is affordable in terms of range and finishes. On the other hand, timber decking means only colour variation due to natural woods and knots. 

Timber decking needs proper maintenance. Whereas composite timber decking is long-lasting and durable. Composite is entirely different to that from other materials in terms of maintenance, costing, and other things. 

Composite Timber Decking Vs Regular Timber Decking:

Composite as well as timber are good options for decking in several parts of the world. Both of some advantages and disadvantages.

  • Maintenance: Timber decking can last for a long time if maintained properly. Timber can be sanded down and replaced. If you observe that a specific part has been rotten down, you can change that particular area only instead of changing the entire one. On the other hand, composite timber decking lasts for at least 25 years and requires less maintenance.
  • Impact on the environment: Composite timber is made up of plastic and wood fibres. Wood fibres can easily be recycled without any problem. Plastic contains cellulose, salt, natural gas, and crude oil.
  • Strength: One of the greatest disadvantages of composite is the strength. It is not a structural material, hence, it requires more support. On the other hand, the timber decking is strong and helps to prevent sagging and breakages.
  •  Finishing: Both materials have their benefits and drawbacks. However, the finishing is very good in the composite. If the timber decking is not maintained properly then it results in slipperiness and wetness. So, after every few years, you have to invest a certain amount in maintenance. 

Some Important Facts About Composite Timber Decking:

Choosing composite timber decking over any other material is a wise decision. If you use this material then you can stay relaxed for at least 20-30 years. Moreover, you don’t have to invest money in maintenance as well. The other products might waste your money on maintenance and other things.

  • The composite timbers are made up of more than 85% recycled materials which include plastic. The plastics can be recycled at any time of the day. 
  • The composite decking only requires basic cleaning. With zero maintenance it serves us for our entire life.
  • It doesn’t require any staining or painting. It only requires cleaning with normal water. 
  • The composite timber doesn’t rot or wrap. 
  • The cost of the material at the initial stage is high. However, you don’t have to spend a single penny on maintenance for two to three decades. 
  • Moreover, the material has outstanding designs. The designs are cool and can give your house an impressive look. 
  • It can endure all types of climatic conditions. You don’t have to take any tension regarding it. 

If you are looking to renovate your house and give it a new look then go for composite timber decking. It will give a lost lasting effect and is also a wise decision to choose for your house. 

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