Davidson County gains a second Henriquez Pizza location

Felipe Henriquez uses his hands six days a week to make pizzas with fresh-made tomato sauce and forms homemade meatballs for pasta dishes and sandwiches to serve at his Henriquez Pizza restaurants in Davidson County. His second location opened June 3 in Denton.

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But it wasn’t too long ago that the 32 year-old El Salvador native was using his hands when his age still reflected only a single digit to build homes and buildings alongside his father in his native country. He lived with his parents in a home with no running water or electricity, walking to a river at 5 in the morning to bathe and bring home water for his mother.

The second location of Henriquez Pizza is located at 17969 S. N.C. Highway 109 in Denton. The first location opened on Randolph Street in Thomasville in 2019.

“I had a job in my country, but I wanted to do a little bit better,” he said, ” so I came here.”

At age 14, Henriquez started his walk alone from El Salvador through Guatemala and Mexico, eventually crossing over into the United States and coming to North Carolina where a brother lived. He had no parents with him, did not speak English, was here illegally and had little formal education. Still, he was thankful to God, he said, to now have an opportunity for a better job and future.