Easy Diy Craft Room Storage Ideas

Have you ever wished your craft room could look like all those incredible and gorgeous ones you see everyday on TV or in magazines? Believe me I have as well. I have so many crafting supplies which are slowly taking over the whole room so I am afraid they may soon conquer my entire home if I do not do something about it.

Every craft room is unique and used for different activities so it requires different approaches. If you are a sewer, for example, then your biggest issue is probably too many spools of thread, needles, scissors, sequins and many more tools. If you are an art lover, then you might have a collection of brushes, number unknown of different shades of paints, sketchbooks, etc. that also need to be stored. Or, there is another option. You may be all-craft lover. If you love sewing, painting, knitting and whatever else you can think of, then you definitely need some ideas to make your craft room look tidier and more organised.

Most of the ideas I am going to share with you are inexpensive and easy to benefit from them. Check out these ideas and choose the ones which suits your taste better.

I had been struggling to find an easy and convenient way to organise and store my craft paints. Like every painter, I wanted to be able to make my choice easier when picking up a colour, without browsing for an eternity into a box or a drawer. So I think I finally found the way!

I bought several PVC pipe fittings (you can also buy one long which you will have to cut into smaller ones). You will be amazed at how cheap they are! Think of a design and roll up your sleeves. Provide yourself with a glue and then stick the pipes together by using a brush. When you assemble the pipes in the shape you want, you have the perfect storage for your craft paints. You can hang it on a wall or just put it on a desk or a table. Since I wanted more colour in my life, I painted the pipes and now I have a pretty place for my supplies which I can easily access.

The best part is that this “construction” is not necessary to be cleaned. Instead you can buy new pipes and assemble a new design! Isn’t it great?

If you are having hundreds or maybe thousands of sequins, then you will definitely find the next storage idea very helpful. Since I wanted to store my sequins into a portable place and carry it everywhere, I bought myself a jewellery box. The best part about it is that its sections are removable and it was also very easy for me to put the colour labels. There is also a rich variety of plastic jars or containers, which can be put on a table or in a drawer. A very helpful idea is to store them by colour. You do not want to waste your free time in looking for that exact colour, do you?

Cleaning a craft room is just as important as cleaning any other room in your home. First make sure to tidy up the place, put everything where it belongs. Then start with a cleaning procedure at a time. First dust the surfaces, then vacuum the carpets or mop the bare floors, clean out the drawers and etc. Devote 20 minutes every day to cleaning. In a few simple steps, the craft room will be spick and span.

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