Foodsaver 4800 Vacuum Sealer: Review & Buyer’s Guide


FoodSaver 4800 Vacuum Sealer Review

Wasting good food is something most people can’t afford to do. Using a product like the FoodSaver 4800 can save families both time and money. As far as vacuum sealer food savers go, this particular appliance rates high with consumers. It is a must-have.

This vacuum sealer offers several different ways to make food last. With the many accessories for the FoodSaver 4800 available, it is possible to create seals on containers, reusable bags, jars and even some bottles. It’s a versatile appliance designed to make food saving convenient.

FoodSaver 4800 Series Models

Criteria for a Vacuum Sealer Food Saver

Vacuum sealers for food have to do a couple of things to be helpful to the consumer. Firstly, they have to efficiently seal foods so that the item’s freshness can last longer. This is the main selling point of all vacuum sealers. Secondly, it has to be affordable. While the point of the appliance is to save food, consumers are also looking at vacuum sealers to save themselves some money.

The FoodSaver 4800 is the best-rated vacuum sealer which not only seals food effectively and comes at an affordable rate but it also adds versatility to the mix. You can purchase many accessories for the FoodSaver 4800 that allows families to seal many kinds of items. The FoodSaver 4800 shines when it comes to this.

Not only are there pre-cut bags provided for the starter kit, but there is also an extra roll of plastic so you can customize your bag sizes. This can be stored in the handy container on top of the appliance.

Have a pork loin you need to be saved? No problem! The vacuum sealer in the food saver will have you covered with a bag just the size you need. All you have to do is measure out the amount of bag you need, cut it with the razor on edge (safely!) of the container and place one end inside the sealer. It will heat seal one end so you can store your pork loin inside and then vacuum seal it on the other end.

Consumers providing reviews for the FootSaver 4800 talk about the ease of using it for everything from sealing bags to sealing jars, marinating foods and preserving other dried goods like beans and cereals. It’s a reliable and helpful automatic vacuum sealing system that many people enjoy using.


Product Overview

This appliance is easily affordable for families, helping them add pennies to their pockets by eliminating the need to throw away food while offering this product at a price the average person can afford.

The vacuum seal provides lasting freshness for all foods. Up to five times longer, in fact. In addition, there are bags meant for sealing and freezing (these are heat-sealed at both ends to prevent them from opening) and reusable zipper bags for fridge use. These bags are suitable for storing deli meats and cheeses or the kids’ favorite snacks.

Like a Ziploc bag, the FoodSaver Zipper Bags can open to be used again and again while still being sealed with the handheld pump. You can use this same pump for sealing FoodSaver containers, mason jars and bottles as long as you have the tools. In addition, the vacuum sealer comes with a convenient drip tray.

The drip tray will prevent any sauces or juices from your food from getting all of your counters, and even better, the drip tray is removable, making it much easier to clean. In addition, it is dishwasher safe, and this added dishwasher secure feature is even more convenient for busy families.

The FoodSaver 4800 sealing system with the starter kit is just a bit larger than its counterpart, the 5800. However, the Foodsaver vacuum measures at H16.26”, W8.76”, D7.98”, meaning it will take up a bit of cupboard space. The starter kit comes with one roll of Heat Seal Plastic, five 946ml Bags, 5 Zipper Bags, one container and one bottle stopper. Consumers can also expect a 5-year warranty on their appliance.

Foodsaver 4800 Series Video Review


  • According to FoodSaver 4800 reviews, one of the highlights of this vacuum sealer is its ability to tell the difference between wet and dry food. This allows the Foodsaver 4800 series machine to adjust its vacuum strength, preventing dried goods from being crushed because too much air has been removed. In addition, when the end of the bag is inserted into the sealer, it can also detect moisture and will seal the bag appropriately. This means your meats and fruits will not get freezer burn due to additional air in the bag.
  • With that same feature, you can also seal meats and vegetables with sauces and marinades, making Crockpot meals a breeze for the busy parent.
  • The Rapid Marinate Mode comes in handy when you’ve forgotten to marinate the meat. All you have to do is put the meat in the marinade container, add your sauces and spices and then seal it using the handheld sealer. The vacuum will remove all of the additional air in the container and also allow the meat to absorb the flavour of the sauces more quickly. The quick marinator is a great way to save time and is one of the best features of the Foodsaver 4800 series.
  • The handheld vacuum also gives consumers the ability to save food longer in the short term. Lunchmeat and cheeses can be purchased in advance and saved for five times longer than usual. This means you can plan meals workweek meals a week. Fruit can be cut up and sealed in zipper bags, making them easily accessible for school lunches and kid’s snacks. The Zipper bags would also come in handy for any school snacks that need to stay fresh over the day, such as boiled eggs.
  • One other use that has been mentioned in a FoodSaver 4800 review is that jewellery can be sealed inside the bags, effectively preventing tarnish or tangling. This exact procedure can be used for important documents, saving space in the filing cabinet. Other valuable items, such as coins or collector cards, can be stored securely and away from the elements.
  • Another benefit, though not spoken about, is that using this kind of device can help prevent unnecessary items from entering the landfill. In addition, preserving food to avoid freezer burn and make fresh foods last longer is helpful to the environment.


  • When it comes to the FoodSaver 4800 vs. the 5800, one prominent feature stands out as missing. The 5800 has an automatic roller for the bag roll that the 4800 does not. Many consumers have said the automatic roller is a feature they wish they had.
  • Aesthetically, food vacuum sealers can leave something to be desired. It’s not an attractive appliance. If counter space in the kitchen is at a premium, it can make pulling the vacuum sealer and accessories out for small uses a bit cumbersome. The FoodSaver 5800 is a bit smaller than that 4800 but not significantly so.
  • Some consumers have also mentioned that refills of the Heat Seal Bags can be a bit costly. While the reusable FoodSaver Zipper Bags won’t need to be replaced as often, the Heat Seal Bags are only suitable for one use.

Some of the features include:

  • Retractable Handheld Sealer
  • ​Fully Automated Operation
  • ​Airtight Heat Seal
  • Convenient Roll Storage
  • ​Auto Moist/Dry Food Detection
  • Rapid Marinate Mode
  • PulseVac Control

​FoodSaver 4800 Vs 5800

The Foodsaver 4800 and 5800 are pretty similar products. Both units feature wet/dry detection, built-in roll storage and a handheld sealing option.

The difference is mainly the look, the size and the additional features. The 4800 is more significant than the 5800 in physical size, but they use the same bags. The 5800 has an automatic bag roller & dispenser as well. The automatic bag detection feature is one of the best offered by this product and the built-in roll storage unit.

The product’s physical design is a personal opinion; we think the 4800 has a sleeker design. Overall the Foodsaver 5800 has a clunkier design but a few extra features and a higher price tag.

FAQ About Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

Is it worth buying a vacuum sealer?

Vacuum sealing systems do essentially what it sounds like: they are Foodsavers that will keep your food fresh thanks to special bags that come with a seal. They preserve food, especially highly perishable items.

In particular, vacuum sealing systems work for people who prefer to buy food in bulk but often find that they throw rotten food away. If this is you, it might be a great idea to consider adding a Foodsaver vacuum to your kitchen.

Another great brand of vacuum sealers ​​is Ziploc​.

How do automatic vacuum sealing systems work?

One of the biggest enemies to your food’s longevity is oxygen. When you let food stay out, oxygen will allow mold to grow, which is why many foods tend to go bad over time. Likewise, when you put food in the freezer, the air will cause dehydration and oxidation, leading to freezer burn.

Essentially, vacuum sealers suck all the air out of the zipper bags, which helps keep food fresh longer and eliminates the need to buy more frequently. This is especially helpful for those on a budget and who want to reduce the amount of food they buy.

How long do vacuum sealers last?

If you purchase a vacuum sealer from a highly reputable company, such as a Foodsaver vacuum, then you can rely on it to last a long time. In addition, they often come with a 5-year limited warranty upon purchase, which shows that they are meant to last.

How long does food stay fresh with vacuum sealer bags?

Vacuum sealers can keep your food fresh for much longer than you expect. You can generally expect frozen food to last 2-3 years, and fresh foods can last around 1-2 weeks. This is much longer than the typical 1-3 days for fresh food or four months to a year. In general, vacuum sealer bags keep your food fresh for a long time, and one of their best features is that you don’t have to worry about producing lots of waste.

Can you use any bags with automatic vacuum sealing systems?

The short answer to this question is yes, but you should use the unique sealer bags with the vacuum sealer. The reason is that the seal produced on zipper bags will not be as strong, which means that your food likely isn’t going to last as long.

Reviews report that people who use the seal roll bags that come with the vacuum sealer find that their food lasts a lot longer. You will be able to find vacuum seal bags and seal rolls in most stores or online shops that carry vacuum sealers, so they aren’t too difficult to find. Again, you can use a typical Ziplock zipper bag, but the seal will not be as strong, making it less effective.

What is the purpose of an automatic vacuum sealing system with a starter kit?

Once again, the purchase of an automatic vacuum sealer can be a lifesaver for many people. Do you find that you produce a lot of waste when cooking? Does a lot of your food tend to go bad over time because you don’t use it quickly enough? Are you on a budget and prefer to purchase in bulk?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be a good idea to consider getting a vacuum sealer. You could save lots of money that way, and you won’t have to worry about producing so much waste from rotten food. In addition, the food will last much longer than traditional storage methods, and when you take the food out of the vacuum zipper bags, it will still be fresh and ready to use without freezer burn or mold!

What is automatic bag detection?

Automatic bag detection is one of the best features. It makes using a vacuum sealer infinitely easier and saves you lots of time. Automatic bag detection will only take two steps to seal and save your food, preserving its freshness. In addition, the handheld retractable sealer on the unit will eliminate the need for getting another attachment with your vacuum sealer.

Is it worth getting a Foodsaver vacuum?

Ultimately, this is up to you. But we don’t see why you shouldn’t. Although the machine might seem a little gimmicky, you will see a significant difference when your foods aren’t going bad as quickly, enabling you to save lots of money and not take out the garbage as often.

This model is one of the best on the market, and many customers rely on the machine to get the job done and make cooking and storage infinitely easier. The Foodsaver brand is considered the best brand on the market for vacuum sealing machines, so you know that you are getting the most of your purchase if you choose to go with this option. In addition, customers generally report satisfaction in their reviews, showing you that you can easily trust this brand to provide you with what you expect.


The FoodSaver 4800 model will work best for the busy family trying to save every penny they can. It is a viable tool that would complement those who purchase items in bulk. It allows consumers to buy things individually in bulk while still counting on fresh food in the freezer and the fridge.

We hope that this review of the Foodsaver vacuum sealer was helpful. It enabled you to make a more informed decision on which vacuum sealer units to purchase to save money and prevent waste in your kitchen.

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