Getting Ready For Spring Home Maintenance: 6 Tasks

Most of us come to realize, with every season, comes some maintenance, requiring certain tasks and/ or actions, which we must either personally perform, or hire someone else to take care of. Those who try to take a shortcut, and believe it is easier to occasionally skip some of these tasks, are taking a short – term fix, which quite often leads to additional expenses, and/ or hassles in the future! With Spring arriving in a few weeks, I thought it might be helpful, to review some of the tasks, which should be taken/ performed at this time of year. Here are 6 Spring Maintenance Tasks.

1. Examine: Walk completely around the house. Examine how your home stood up to the winter, and what glaring issues, might immediately strike your eye! Consider items like the grounds, trees, windows, air conditioning, concrete, blacktop, painting, etc. Make a list and address these items!

2. Power wash: Power washing both exposes, as well as heals a variety of issues! Especially power wash the concrete, blacktop, decks, roof, and sides of the house. Then re – examine, and see if you notice anything now, you previously missed!

3. Grounds; gardens; planting: How did your grounds hold up? Was there any soil erosion, which now requires adding top soil, etc? It’s a great time to mulch, fertilize, lime, etc! Know when it’s time to plant specific flowers, and plants, and understand the differences between Annuals and Perennials! What do you need to do, to improve the appearance and function of your flower beds? Will you maintain the planting plan, from the past year, or will you seek to make certain changes, and/ or adaptations?

4. Gutters and leaders: How did your gutters and leaders hold up, to the winter? Are there any leaks, cracks, or areas which need mending? Are they free from debris, including leaves, twigs, etc? Are you a candidate for some sort of system, which minimizes this seasonal task? Have you priced it out, and seen if it makes sense for you? Are the gutters and leaders, directing water away from your house?

5. Leaf removal: Most people think of leaf removal as a late autumn task, which it is. However, invariably, additional leaves have gathered, either having fallen after your last cleanup, or as a result of being blown from a neighbor’s leaves. Take care of this so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn and gardens! Know when it is time to seed your lawn, and what type of seed, is right for your property and location.

6. Check AC’s: Don’t wait until it gets hot, to turn on your air conditioners, only to then discover, they aren’t adequately doing their job. Clean and/ or replace filters, have the system checked if it’s a central of ductless system, and be prepared! You’ll be glad you did!

Many homeowners try to skimp on these steps, only to create bigger, more expensive issues! Do your scheduled tasks, and your house will treat you better!

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