Grow A Garden – Enjoy a Multitude of Benefits by Growing Your Own Food

1. Gardening is a healing activity. The Earth vibrates at an amazingly healing frequency. Working in the soil exposes us to the negative charge the Earth emits, grounding us and among other things helps us rid our bodies of free radicals. In our modern society we have insulated ourselves from the healing vibrations of the Earth with oil based products like asphalt, rubber, plastics and insulation found in and around all our homes and commercial buildings. When we do take time to enjoy the out-of-doors, many of us are shod with rubber bottomed shoes and rubber gloves. By using cotton gloves and leather soled shoes, time spent gardening will expose you to all the healing vibrations of the Earth.

2. By growing your own food you can avoid all the toxic chemicals saturating food purchased from the grocery stores. Allergies, cancers, infertility, autism, and many other maladies are on the rise. How many of them are due to the saturation of pesticides, herbicides, round-up, and synthetic fertilizers that our food is exposed to? Use natural methods of gardening and avoid the obvious dangers of ingesting those chemicals on a daily basis.

3. Enjoy a rich variety of fruits and vegetables not available to you unless you grow them yourself. Did you know that there are 4000 varieties of potatoes, the number one grown non-grain crop in the world and 7500 varieties of tomatoes? What are we missing out on? We are presented with very few choices in our grocery store as the commercial growers choose one or two varieties to plant. Enjoy the wide range of varieties by growing your own.

4. Gardening is a great way to relieve stress. Enjoy the creative energy of gardening and release a lot of negative energy accumulated throughout the day. Plants respond to positive thought and loving care. Of course you have to know what you are doing in order to help them along, but the rewards they give back in beauty and bounteous harvest are enough to chase away the stress of any troubling day.

5. With the world economy teetering on collapse, having access to fresh food or your own preserved food provides self-sustainability and insurance against tough times. Don’t think you can wait until things collapse to put that first seed into the soil. There is a definite learning curve with gardening as well as a period of time necessary to cultivate healthy soil. Get started now and make gardening a part of your lifestyle if you want your garden to save you one day.

6. Everyone seems to be concerned about the Carbon Footprint. The carbon footprint is reduced when people plant, harvest, and preserve their own foods. So if you want to do your part in conserving natural resources, grow a garden.

7. Fresh fruits and vegetables grown naturally are power packed with not only necessary vitamins and minerals, but micro-nutrients too, which do not exist in most store-bought commercially grown food. Supplements are no longer necessary when food is grown in such a way as to encourage and sustain high micro-nutrient levels.

Enjoy a bounty of fresh picked, vitamin rich food by growing your own garden. Do your part in conserving natural resources, live more sustainably, and relieve the stress of life by growing your own food. The benefits of growing a garden are huge.

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