How to Find the Sweet Spot in Real Estate Investing

Psssssssssst, Want to know a great way to make FAST money in real estate? Listen closely now because this tip is definitely cashable… The sweetest spot for you to hit as a real estate investor is a
deal that no one else is bidding on.

Take away the competition and you win every time!

So how do you find a sweet deal like this? Well, you could spend
days on end looking at multiple properties. But that’s not what my students do. My students get coached on how to attract sellers so the sweet deals find them!

You see, half of the money that is made in real estate investment is with property that never made it onto the Multiple Service Listings. It is insiders only money.

Inside the knowledge circle is where you want to be.

Think about this: Most people have never sent out a letter asking homeowners to sell them their homes … or put signs on their cars … or passed out flyers … or placed creative ads in the paper.

It’s not rocket science. It’s about what you know and who you know.

You need to know how to attract these deals to you without ever
breaking a sweat. Because the best deals are NOT listed with your local realtor.

And, you need to know what to ask the seller on the phone, so you don’t waste a moment of your valuable time.

My favorite cash cow is a 3 bedroom house that needs simple
updates. Things like carpet, paint, new light fixtures and bright new plumbing fixtures from a place like Home Depot will
dramatically increase a good home’s value.

Don’t outbid other buyers. And don’t buy a house you
can’t add value to. Buy a property that is the right size
for an average family, and affordable for the masses.

That is how you hit the sweet spot in real estate investing.

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Thomas Kish

President of CashFlowExperts.Biz

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