How To Install Horizontal Blinds

Custom blinds can really make or break a home. Houses that are outfitted with high quality real wood or faux blinds that perfectly fit the windows can really bring an otherwise boring interior to life!

Should you want to bypass blind installers and go at them yourself here are some installation procedures you can follow in order to get the job done. Keep in mind that when you purchase your blinds or window coverings from big box retailers, like Home Depot, they will never be truly custom. They will be either too long or too short. But if you get the proper measurements they can definitely come close.

Installing a 2″ horizontal blind is simple provided you have the correct tools. In general, each blind will come with the necessary hardware required. To make the installation quick and easy be sure to have a cordless power drill along with a 1/4″ hexagon drill bit. A standard Phillips bit may also be necessary.

Step #1

The first step to install the blind is to remove the entire contents from the box. Look for a smaller box for all the hardware. Unwrap the blind and place it on the floor in front of the window it belongs to.

Step #2

Secondly, locate the square brackets and separate them from each other. Look for the stamp within the bracket for the “Left” and “Right” sides. (Generally stamped either LH or RH) Each bracket has a door that opens at a divet. This allows the brackets to receive the blind. Open the doors and place each bracket on its intended side of the window. Locate the installation screws and place them in each bracket. Install each bracket at the top corners of each window.

Step #3

The next step is to prepare the blind to be hung. Often the control cords are wound together and placed inside the head rail. Remove the cords along with all the labels that may be bound within them. Locate the clear valance clips and evenly space them apart along the face of the head rail. This prepares the blind to receive the valance.

Be sure the doors are open for each bracket and slide the blind into place. Before you lower the blind by using the pull cords close each door on the bracket and make sure they snap into place. Lower the blind slowly until it reaches the window sill.

Step #4

The final step is the most rewarding. Take the valance and place it within the valance clips.

Voila! Your blinds are ready to go. Repeat each step for every window you have in your home. The process is the same for basswood and faux wood blinds alike. If you are thinking about upgrading your home then window coverings should be your first step. There is not another item that you can add to your home that will make an otherwise equal impact upon it. New furniture, tables, cabinets, and wallpaper produce paltry results when compared with modern blinds.

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