How Top Companies Are Refining their Customer Service


Customer service is one of the most important parts of an organization’s life; for many companies, it’s the most important. That’s because good customer service can have a game-changing effect on your company. It can lead to better reviews and more sales, improve company morale and reduce turnover, and increase customer loyalty in general.

Proper Customer Treatment

It’s important that companies invest in improving the way they treat their customers, and more specifically, their social media customers. In fact, recent studies show that companies that treat their social media customers with respect are 35% more likely to have a positive reputation online than companies who don’t.

If you’re serious about improving your customer service, chances are you’ve already started. Companies have improved their FAQs, increased their social media presence, and started listening to what their customers have to say. You can look into a twilo alternative that can help you improve your customer service engagements with proper support and security.

Requesting For Feedback From Their Clients

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Customers want to know that their comments are being heard, and a simple “thank you” or “we hear you” isn’t enough. Companies that listen well see an average of 400% more sales than companies who don’t listen well. So don’t be afraid to ask customers to rate their experience on social media sites, or even follow up via email.

Educating Their Staff on Customer Needs

To provide the best customer service experience possible, companies need to understand their customers’ needs and expectations. If you don’t already ask people for feedback at the time of purchase, or have a survey or “Contact Us” form on your website, now is the time to start. You can also analyze your reviews and tweets for insights into what needs improving in your organization.

Embrace Social Media

The vast majority of people are comfortable with social media, and it can be a great way to handle customer service issues. A social media account may be the best place to address customer problems if they take place on social media. Companies have an official presence on social networks, and they respond to their customer’s needs using these sites.

Company Employees are Taught on Being Empathetic

Never forget that you’re dealing with human beings, and not just your company. Companies actively listen to what their customers have to say, and they try to empathize with them if they’re upset or frustrated. By doing so, they help make the experience as enjoyable as possible for the customer.

Fix Problems on Time

In the long run, however, empathy is only part of the job. Your customers need a solution to their problem as well; they want their problem fixed. So once you’ve listened to their problem and helped them understand it, make sure you fix it. Thoroughly apologize for the inconvenience, make amends, or at least take care of it right away.


If your customers have a problem with your products or services, they’re going to be looking for hours before they find you. A company that allows customers to contact them via social media will always have a higher response rate than a company that doesn’t

Companies Have Protective Systems

Customers will continue to post negative comments and review your organization no matter how good “social” is at improving customer service. So make sure you know what your legal rights and responsibilities are when it comes to feedback, especially if it’s negative.


The most important thing you can do to improve customer service is be consistent when it comes to how you treat your customers. People are more likely to continue doing business with a company that treats them well, and even if you can’t always do the perfect thing, it’s important that you are on the side of customer service. Conclusively, Social media brings a new trend of communication to business , communication is not only happening between the clients and the company but also between the clients and each other, social media as a medium allows this. Doing good for customers will have a lasting effect on your reputation, not to mention the overall success of your company. So if you want to win, give your customers the best possible experience.


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