Husky Tile Saw

The Husky 7 inch wet tile saw, model number THD750L will probably cost you near $120 at most retailers. I bought mine at Home Depot and I’m happy to say I was overall very satisfied with the purchase but there are a few things I would take points away from.

First, the good news is the Husky tile saw probably cut as well as more expensive models on the 3/8 inch tile I was cutting for my living room project. The cuts were smooth and required little effort to make. I also appreciated that the water reservoir was large enough so that I didn’t have to make refills until after many cuts. Furthermore, there was no clogging in the saw.

The main negative for the Husky wet saw was it’s laser guide. Basically all the laser guide amounted to was a feature to draw you in and perhaps give the Husky an edge over other brands. The guide stopped working after just a few cuts because of a short circuit. When it was working, the line wasn’t precise enough to rely. To make a cut off a laser line, you need a razor thin width and that wasn’t the case with the Husky guide. If you’re pondering a laser guide for this model or another, I will say that it helps at night.

Overall, I give this tile cutting saw a solid rating. I didn’t need to force the tile through the saw blade and it had enough horsepower to easily handle basic home improvement jobs.

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