Interior Design Tips and Disciplines

Interior design is in line with architecture. It has little to do with the decoration of the interior of a building. It includes renovation of homes, floor plans and codes of construction. Interior designers are people who design the interiors of buildings. Creativity is a key aspect in this profession and it works in unison with the establishment of an abstract course.

Interior Design Disciplines

There is quite a wide series of disciplines in the interior design career. They include specialized performance, function, computer technology, skills for presentation, social disciplines, aesthetic, promotional and professional disciplines. Cultural implications also play a disciplinary role in relation to interior design. In order to pursue this career, a person needs to have attained a degree in architecture or technology.

The Design Process

The process of designing the interior of a building is similar for all types of buildings. It begins by identifying a client’s objective, budget and timescale. This is what interior designers refer to as brief taking. The main aim at this stage is to improve the client’s returns.

The designer provides the client with a Cost Proposal, which gives the total estimated costs of the interior design that is to be performed. Most designers prefer to use the Computer Aided Design but a few others use hand sketches. The later portrays individuality. Computer aided design is mainly used to correspond solutions for design in sensible views. This program saves time as compared to hand sketching, which is time consuming.

The preliminary concepts are then presented for authorization. Once approved, the designers begin to make floor plans. Afterwards, specifications are made in connection to the furnishings, alterations and finishing. Repositioning of windows, doors and walls is done if necessary, at this stage. While this is being done, the designer must have the exterior plans in mind as well. If the performance handles project management, then the interior designers may naturally take up this role.

Specifications of the design are incorporated in a package which is later on used by the building contractor to finalize the client’s design. The design phase can be done years or even months after the completion of the design requirements.

Working Conditions

The conditions of employment are not the same with all interior designers. They depend on the particular profession of an interior designer. Large companies have a daily program for their interior designers, while smaller companies have their employees working on contracts.

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