Joanna and Chip Gaines Tackle Home Renovation Project They’ve Wanted for Years

Chip and Joanna Gaines have finally tackled a home renovation project that they’ve wanted to get around to for years. According to PEOPLE, the HGTV stars are renovating their Waco, Texas home. Fans of the couple will be able to follow along as they incorporate a new addition to their home in the new series Fixer Upper: Welcome Home.

The first episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, which is currently streaming on Discover+, sees Chip and Joanna giving their fans a look at the renovation of their Waco home. Joanna explains in the episode, “When we first started Fixer our house was completely under construction, all of this was a field.” She then pointed out the front yard of their 40-acre property, which now holds a chicken coop, flower garden, and a growing number of farm animals and pets. Her husband added, “Just a little white farmhouse that needed a little TLC.” He continued to say that they have been wanting to put a new addition to their home due to the size of their family, as the couple has five children together.

“We’re adding on a little space because we’ve added an addition to the family,” Chip said. “We used to have four kids. Now we’ve got a toddler on our hip.” Chip and Joanna welcomed their youngest son, Crew, in 2018. They are also parents to 16-year-old son Drake, 14-year-old daughter Ella, 12-year-old son Duke, and 10-year-old daughter Emmie. Joanna shared that this new space will be a “living room” and, based on footage of the construction zone, it will be near their existing kitchen and laundry area. Joanna said that this addition is something that has been in the works for some time, as she said, “This add-on is something I’ve been planning for, I would say, five years. It’s time.”

While Chip and Joanna have their fair share of experience with renovations, they are breaking their own cardinal rule when it comes to their own home expansion. “There’s a golden rule in the renovation business that goes, ‘Don’t ever live in a house that’s being renovated.’ But here we go,” Chip explained. His wife added, “You kind of feeling like you’re losing your mind all day when you sit in here and all the construction is happening.”