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$15 minimal wage could assist law enforcement

I hope I do not audio disrespectful. I’ve noticed some police officers in sticky cases that they dealt with incredibly, extremely effectively.
But I wonder if police in standard halt to think how considerably easier their position would be if the place had adopted the $15-an-hour minimum amount wage back in 2015 when Sen. Bernie Sanders first campaigned for it.
Without having a way to feed and shelter a relatives, people will self-destruct, and the police are still left holding the bag when points tumble apart.
Nina Trabona

Terrible timing for expensive developing bond

The Niskayuna Central College District concluded its $100 million college board job in November 2010.
It is tricky to picture that ten yrs later on, the college district sees the will need for a new set of projects totaling an further $79 million in funding.
Does the superintendent of the Niskayuna Colleges or the faculty board ever take into account reducing our school taxes?
Or do they assume that the general public will not recognize if they borrow additional money as soon as the prior bond payments are compensated off?
That notion is insulting. As a end result of the previous round of bond spending, each individual creating was enhanced or expanded.
It may possibly be additional prudent to choose a pause on this paying as there is a good chance that additional belt tightening will be required in the subsequent handful of a long time offered the shortfall in state funding.
Though there might be a require to switch a setting up roof, it does not necessitate that classrooms be reconfigured or that each want record be deemed critical to comprehensive.
We have excellent educational facilities and exceptional teachers in Niskayuna, but the timing of the bond venture is troubling, and the magnitude of these initiatives are pointless.
Mike Daley

Some cannot get past dislike of Trump

Several who are anti-Trump are not able to get earlier their dislike of the man to see any good that he has completed. Rob Dickson‘s Dec. 19 letter (“Biden voters designed the incorrect choice”) and Jeffery Falace’s Dec. 21 letter (“Exactly what has Trump performed wrong”) question some pointed questions about what “really” went wrong all through the earlier four a long time.
Sticking to the issues of his numerous achievements, I had no difficulties supporting the president.
Anybody who does not realize what is occurring to our place ought to wake up and scent the espresso.
A long time of efforts to build peace in the Center East to no avail, but the president built loads of development with completely no acknowledgment from the mainstream media.
People today who say and publish some of the most hideous things about President Trump and his supporters are unable to look to see the forest for the trees. When has the president of the United States been so excoriated by his enemies? Definitely, not the preceding president.
If the Supreme Court docket is worried to review the election misdeeds for panic of riots, it has misplaced its way. It is intended to be judging appropriate from mistaken. Opposite to our Vice President-elect Harris, rioters ought to be arrested and thrown in jail.  Everyone who does not believe this election experienced plenty of “funny business” likely on, I have obtained a bridge for sale. Vote counting accomplished in the dark has a odor to it.
Gerard F. Havasy
Clifton Park

Trump supporters have superior motives

Thank you, Jeffrey Falace, for posting your rebuttal (“Exactly what has Trump carried out wrong”) to Ms. Swanson in the Dec. 21 Gazette.
I would also like to remark. Ms. Swanson, I don’t know your age, but possibly you can look again before Trump received the presidency.
This was a time when you could be a Republican or a Democrat or an unbiased and you could have a variance of impression, which was revered.
In other words and phrases, Ms. Swanson, we have been capable to disagree yet however respect many others with no being disrespectful. If a president was elected that you did not vote for, you ended up equipped to transfer on and embrace the future 4 a long time. That was all thrown out the window when Trump gained in 2016. Persons these as you have done almost nothing but bring about strife for four many years. From your Dec. 13 letter (“Plenty of motives we will not skip Trump”), it is pretty obvious that your only awareness is based mostly on your loathe of Trump.
You refuse to see what he accomplished. Not stunning, but sad. I am a registered impartial, and I satisfaction myself on becoming educated of equally sides. And indeed, I am just one of the 70 million “deplorables” that voted for Trump. As Mr. Falace pointed out to you (and numerous like you), maybe you need to broaden your intellect and at least be educated of both of those sides.
Susan Tucci

Our republic gained by defeating Trump

Unfortunately, Rob Dickson in his Dec. 19 letter (“Biden voters built the mistaken choice”) and some others dismiss American democracy, the republic for which it stands, and American values in favor of self what’s in it for me.
They ignore President Trump’s sedition, sedition joined in by Rep. Elise Stefanik and over 100 other reps. So quickly Mr. Dickson bargains the unprofessional, identify-contacting and lies of the president, his selfishness and incompetence.
Had Mr. Trump been open up and genuine about the coronavirus way back in January, listened to the experts and inspired social distancing and the putting on of masks, we would neither have 3,000 deaths for every working day, nor at the very least 50 % of the American pandemic deaths.
Science, points, not the misinformation of the narcissistic charlatan in the White Dwelling.
The bogus assaults on our democracy, the false allegation that the presidential election was fraught with fraud, confirmed by in excess of 50 dismissals of his lawsuits, and two rejections by the Supreme Court, were negative ample. But Mr. Trump is lining his individual pockets with so-called funds to fight election results: 60% of contributions go to his individual PAC, and 75% of the money sent for the Georgia operate-off election go to his PAC.
Choose observe Mr. Dickson: Conservatives George Will, 22 retired generals and admirals and the New Republic, who appreciate our nation, arrived out against Mr. Trump and voted for Biden/Harris. Quite a few voted for Joe Biden numerous voted in opposition to Mr. Trump. Whatever the cause, democracy, our excellent republic, is the winner.
Bruce S. Trachtenberg
The author is a previous town justice.

Grateful for work of Rotterdam leaf crews

We would like to thank the Town of Rotterdam Highway Department’s leaf and brush crews for the wonderful career they did gathering our yard waste this spring, summer time and drop.
There was not a 7 days that went by that we didn’t have several cans, bags or piles of garden waste from our two back-to-back again yards and gardens waiting for them. Each week, we could rely on them like clockwork to be there for our pickup.
This is not an uncomplicated job and is possibly pretty thankless. But we want them to know that we certainly respect the town for delivering this services and the crews for their extraordinary endeavours.
I know some of you cynics will say that we spend for the service in our taxes and the highway workers get a paycheck. But we are grateful and take into consideration it a excellent support to the residents of the town.
I know we’ll also be equipped to rely on the superb occupation the Highway Division constantly does for the duration of the wintertime months.
Dave and Linda Fuller

Trump ready to do what many others wouldn’t

The superior-ole boy who crashed the country club. He fought the hate and the loathe received. Last Election Working day, hate in truth gained the working day. Point out election laws changed, endless mail-in ballots. The Dems’ new mantra “mail in early.” The region club (Democrats and Republicans) expended 4-additionally many years hoping to destroy the Donald only since he did what they had been unwilling to/couldn’t do.
He worked for the welfare of our country and that of its citizens, and our nation prospered until finally covid, supplying the haters an chance to cheat. The mainstream media corrupted by income have brainwashed the sheep by using CNN/MSNBC/NY Periods/Washington Write-up, and so forth.
It is true that Donald Trump is/has carried out some rash and considerably less than best issues, is impolite, crude, and many others.
Nevertheless there is no denying that he succeeded in generating our lives superior, as nicely as making The usa wonderful all over again.
Just request a veteran if their well being care is far better now, (mine is) or the thousands and thousands of new position holders if their lifetime is far better below the Donald. Did 8 many years of Obama make your lifetime far better?
I hope that person haters [read Donald], will consider heed and see how “Lord Fidel Cuomo” is managing our life.
Open Wal-Mart, near the church buildings. Claims he. There is a spike in covid screening. OMG, now there is a spike in covid cases. Is that to say if there was a spike in testing progressive, liberal politicians, that there would be a spike in morons?
Jack Osterlitz

Credit Peter Barber, Gazette staff members for work

Peter Barber’s photograph of a snow plow on Union Road in Schenectady in the Dec. 17 Gazette is a fine illustration of fantastic photography.
Coloration, distinction, composition, and the story told by the photo are all location on. I have known Mr. Barber’s work to be superb for some time but hardly ever commented.
Nowadays, it struck me that it may well be awesome to let The Gazette know that we readers see the effort and craftsmanship it usually takes from the photographers, reporters, editors, and staff at The Gazette to set out a fantastic paper in these unbelievably hard times.
Yay you!
Michael Burns

Actuality: Chickens get butchered for food stuff

As a youngster, just one of my earliest reminiscences was of catching two chickens and receiving them all set for the fry pan. I scratch my head now attempting to determine out how to legally butcher chickens. Oh, I comprehend how egocentric lawmakers and do-gooders sense the only variety way is to obtain the chickens in a industry.
I would visualize they really don’t feel of the higher fecal count allowed in business facilities and, think it or not, they never sing those chickens to slumber.
Calvin Moore

City must ticket chubby vans

This is in regard to the letter (“Nisky city spending plan addresses realities”) in the Dec. 11 Gazette composed by members of the Niskayuna Town Board. What realities?
Not the truth that only 1 other Money District municipality has decided to increase taxes for the duration of the pandemic. Not the reality that hundreds of thousands of men and women are going through eviction and foreclosure thanks to the shutdown. Nor the truth that hundreds of thousands have lost their employment.
How about the truth that hundreds of thousands of folks are heading to food banking institutions and many for the very first time at any time?
If the city wants to increase hard cash, why not ticket the unsafe overweight site visitors on Van Antwerp Street for each NY Condition Auto and Visitors Report #41 Area 1660 Subsection #17, which gives the city the right to limit motor vehicles by fat on any town road with a bodyweight limit except if such car or truck is carrying out small business instantly on that highway.
Van Antwerp Road has a 4-ton limit and 24 hours a day it is utilised as a minimize-as a result of by every thing from dump vans to 18-wheelers, with no immediate shipping and delivery on Van Antwerp.
The regular body weight of these types of vehicles exceeds 16 tons.
Niskayuna could cleanse up pretty much and figuratively. And they could be heroes, not bullies that increase taxes when folks are selecting to spend what income we have in between foods or shelter.
Beth Jacobs

Really don’t blame Trump for media fatalities

Elana Beiser’s short article in the Dec. 19 Gazette (“As Trump touted his disdain for the press, a history quantity of journalists were jailed close to the world”) is the single stupidest thing I have ever go through.
Media customers (not journalists, due to the fact there are none any longer) currently being arrested around the planet is Trump’s fault? Definitely deranged!
Possible the president would arrest these morons in The usa if he experienced that type of impact. No media bias while.
Randy L. Gray
Clifton Park

Bad president? Seem at Woodrow Wilson

Who is blamed on turning what should have been a economic downturn into a significant Depression, and also blamed on the Wonderful Recession and present day cash flow inequality? It’s the Federal Reserve. Who assisted create the Federal Reserve? It is Woodrow Wilson.
Planet War I established incredibly favorable conditions that led to dictatorships in Russia and Germany. That would be Woodrow’s duty much too.
The Spanish flu killed possibly .5% to .8% of Us residents. Considering the fact that this coincided with Entire world War I, would that be Woodrow’s fault much too?
The Democrats lost conveniently in the up coming 3 elections ahead of the Despair I just can’t help but think it’s Woodrow’s fault. Democrats really should dislike him as much as any person.
He’s a single president who had some responsibility for an astounding amount of money of struggling. The Chilly War could have been significantly even worse with less luck, and if we consider the declare created by some historians that he performed a part in the Soviet Union forming, you could argue Woodrow receives some obligation for that, too. George Washington was versus overseas alliances. Woodrow need to have listened.
These in Congress who voted towards our involvement in Entire world War I have earned some respect. It is a significant part of why I continue to consider Woodrow Wilson the worst president we’ve at any time experienced.
Colin Yunick

Transform policy on undelivered papers

I have not gained a paper in two times now. This is not a grievance I am very well knowledgeable of the issues the shipping and delivery people have had the previous two times during the snowstorm.
Nonetheless, I didn’t bother to get in touch with The Gazette. I am often instructed that I’ll be given credit rating for when I really don’t get a paper, whatever that signifies. In all the yrs I have gained these “credits,” it has under no circumstances experienced any effect on my month-to-month billing. There need to be some process in place that if you did not obtain a paper on any specified date, you should have no cost obtain to the on line edition for that date.
David D. Smith

Allow the Afghans combat their possess battles

I would like to specific my opinion about U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. The United States has been in Afghanistan for 20 decades. It is about time that the United States withdrew from Afghanistan.
The Afghans should have their have guys and ladies preventing the war without the need of U.S. involvement.
Appear at Israel. They have their individual men and gals combating the war. The Israelis are martyrs. They did it for a induce, against the Arabs.
Steven P. Goldberg


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