Living With Feng Shui

Feng Shui can be defined in many ways, depending on how you perceive it. Some people may believe it to be a handful of home remodeling guide that will lead you to gain success in life. Other people may say that Feng Shui is simply remodeling and redecorating in order to improve the look and energy of the home so that the way of living and feel of the home can be changed. This article can provide the basics of the Feng Shui belief in order to use the most affordable and useful objects to improve the harmony of the home.


The ultimate aim is to take away the negative energy and enhance the positive energy instead. By eliminating the pointed features and ornaments in the home, negative energy can greatly be eliminated. Rock walls, spiky wood panels, vaulted ceilings, and very big fireplaces can be a great hindrance as well. It is recommended to go for architectural details like a round kitchen counter corners in order to enhance the lively feel of the home.


All of us have an idea that colors in our environment have an influence on our moods and emotions. It is a must that we buy colors that can bring out the positive vibe in our homes such as blue which can make the room relaxing the moment you enter it. The color red and yellow are also good choices in order to trigger originality, especially in workplaces.


You must avoid angular or pointed furniture or objects inside your home for this can only trigger the negative vibe. If you cannot really do anything about it, you can use accessories like soft and round pillows and other objects that are circular so that the negative energy can be countered easily.

Furniture Arrangement

The arrangement of the furniture in a room has to cause happiness and calmness. You can simply try to place the chairs and sofas facing the entryway of the home in order to stimulate control and maintain a watch on the people who will enter the home. Moreover, you must keep in mind that everything has to remain balanced and at the same time, what is more comfy to you. Balancing the room by putting heavy furniture at one side and leaving the other with light furniture can greatly help the home.


As for walls, it is very frustrating if you open a door and you find a wall that hinders you. If you cannot do anything about this again, you can put up a wonderful artwork or a flowering houseplant on it so that the positive feel of it can be enhanced. Also, you must not put mirrors in walls that face the door for this can greatly hinder the positive flow of energy.


In all parts of the room, you must maintain them fresh, beautiful and full of positive energy in order to stay organized as well. If you cannot think straight in your room, then you must clear out the clutter and mess so that you will no longer feel confused and the negative feelings that you have will be eliminated from your body system. If you are really in a tight budget in remodeling your home, the best partner for you is Feng Shui.

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