Master Gardener: Raised-mattress gardening has a lot of benefits | Household & Backyard

Raised beds are a terrific solution for urban gardeners. Let us split down why.

When we are operating with the standard in-floor garden, we are restricted in that we are forced to use the soil we have. Of course, we can fertilize and insert amendments to raise nutrient concentrations and organic and natural content material, but with raised beds, we have the choice of setting up with a higher-high quality soil. This is a specially great thought if your existing soil leans towards the clay facet.

Elevated beds can be designed in just about any shape you can imagine. We do advise you really do not go above about 4 feet in width. This is because an common adult can normally access about 2 feet into the yard. That will give you entry to your full backyard garden space without having to walk in it, which contributes to soil compaction. If you have any bodily difficulties, you can make your beds narrower so they will be less difficult to reach throughout.

As a rule, raised beds only have to have to be about 6 inches deep mainly because most vegetable crops have rather shallow root systems. Some of my beloved lifted beds are seriously elevated, meaning the 6-inch garden bed is elevated earlier mentioned floor so that you can garden both sitting or standing. If you have ever used several hours down on your knees pulling weeds, you instantly know how desirable this seems. I have not gotten there yet, but I hope to someday.

Raised beds can be constructed out of a assortment of elements, but most have a tendency to be manufactured from wooden. We do not advise utilizing railroad ties because creosote vapors in these can burn up your plants. You can use dealt with lumber however for the reason that it does not contain the toxic chemical substances it the moment did. If you do select dealt with lumber, be certain to use dust masks and protecting clothes to continue to keep you protected although setting up. And do not breathe sawdust from taken care of wooden. Concrete blocks are another superior option, but I favor tough-minimize cedar mainly because I just like the search.