My Home Is My Sanctuary – Just As It Should Be – Do You Agree?

***Your home is your sanctuary. Do you agree? Whatever part of the earth that houses you, your friends, pets or family is just as important as who you are as an individual having a soulful experience. Now, we can add work-home life to that equation. Wherever you work is your home-work space, it’s important to appreciate it, and keep it safe.

I tried really hard to work from home in the early part of the 21st century and was always denied the option. I always felt that I could be the most productive in my own setting of choice. Turning the thermostat up or down, at will, eating an almond-jelly sandwich for lunch, or cooking lentils, on low-flame, while marinating chicken, all during the work day, is awesome!

I did way too much commuting and lost a lot of valuable family time. That’s when I decided that working from home was going to be one of the best adventures of my life! It is so important to feel good or even great after setting and achieving goals, helping others, generating income, and all while being comfortable; possibly even multitasking.

We resonate with our environment and feel really great when we are happy in our comfortable space. We can work easily, read,eat, sleep and take our reprieve from the duties of daily living in perfect balance from our homes.

Part of daily living is sharing and giving time, love, space and to assist others. To be more assistance to others, you must first ordain a comfortable living space.

Finding a place for yourself, fills your emotions with things that bring solace and grace that occupy your place. Things that relate and reflect your style, or taste are soothing and easily pursued. It feels really great and you cannot overestimate feeling satiated, relaxed, and acknowledging the need for security and privacy in your home or office-setting.

Home is where you feel the most comfortable.. Nowadays, our home doubles as our home office in many countries on this earthly plane.. Isn’t it great to work and network from home? I believe that mental clarity is one of the best things to come from working at home, in a comfortable and private area, especially when secured and without distractions.

***Know that you are entitled to PRIVACY and nobody should be watching you, listening to your private conversations through your landlines,or laptops,or invade your dwelling in any shape or form.

** Keep vigilant and be assured that nobody gains access to your private telephone calls, your WIFI service, or your intimate time with others spent at home.

Now that so many are working from home, privacy and security are premium needs. So many people get bombarded with lunatics that want to know every nuance of your whereabouts, actions and conversations.

This gives pause for taking deliberate action about your thoughts reflecting your home life; life and privacy need to be better reviewed and secured take the necessary steps and actions to diminish the criminal element that wants to block your online activity.

Discover the best space, look into the condition of your WIFI service and how secured you are. Enjoy yourself in peaceful privacy and by living in solace!

We live in a great big vast country, and on an even bigger planet. So what exactly does that invite for you and me? It invites change. Whether you change your mind, your thoughts or your place of residence, all up to you.

Filling the need for change means seeking a peaceful life that is dependent first upon securing a peaceful domicile or place of residence.

I have lived in many different places over the past 25 plus years. What I have learned is that it’s a matter of expressing yourself in a setting that is conducive to your life-style, income and that can bring you the most bliss.

Bliss can be in as many new and different environments as you can experience, in the time that you are productive, and especially in the production of this screenplay, that we call life..

To live your life, in discovery, means being informed, aware, and to gain appreciation and respect for who, what, and where you have developed the most passion– This is also very rewarding! Passion invites patience, perseverance, empathy and possibly even philanthropy.

Practice empathy and philanthropy, throughout your life, caring for others and showing, giving, and receiving love is the most important space to be in everyday. Philanthropy and networking with others will bring you so much peace and joy and you’ll visit new places with excitement and in eager anticipation.

I still, to this day, enjoy visiting and seeing as many different places, around the globe, that others call their home, much like a pioneer seeking adventure and new discovery.

**I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~

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