On the House: Sophie Heawood’s Property Binge

Oh what an atmosphere, I love a party with a happy atmosphere, sang Russ Abbott, approximately one thousand years ago. Here are five houses, currently for sale, in which you could definitely throw a party with a big old happy atmosphere. Enormous. About as large as the one that envelops the earth, but probably with even less ozone, due to all the hot air that my dreadful friends and I will blow into every one of them, because we are old enough to remember Russ Abbott and should probably die soon. 

Hampstead, £13m, Knight Frank

Knight Frank

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

Can we talk about this swimming pool? The parties I am going to throw in this swimming pool – and you’re all invited. Every last one of you. Even the woman who wrote to say she had read my round-up of Bohemian homes and hadn’t realised that a few jazzy blankets and a bit of wacky colour was all it took to be considered Bohemian. Even you! Although you’ll never actually get to meet me at this party in my £13m Hampstead swimming pool, oh authentic Bohemian lady, because I’ll be incognito like the Great Gatsby, celebrating my own personal Jazz Age somewhere you can’t find me.