Press Boxes: Easily Built With Green Construction

You’ve probably seen them at sporting events and at outdoor venues; press boxes serve several very valuable purposes. They typically sit at the top of bleachers ranging from high school athletic fields to large stadiums.

These boxes come in many shapes and sizes, but their main goal is to provide a comfortable place, out of the elements, for those commentating, reporting, and announcing the game or event. Large windows and the location of the box give a wide field of view to accurately report the events below. Although the sporting events are fun places with a high energy atmosphere, inside the press box is a “working environment” where those inside the box are deeply focused on reporting the game or event.

Although press boxes are popular with those reporting the game, they are also used for several other functions. If referees or others on the field are using a microphone and or music it is often controlled from the box. Furthermore, spot lights and other lighting controls may be operated in the box.

Due to the custom nature of stadiums and athletic fields, press boxes often need to be custom built and modular construction is a highly preferred building method. Many have seen the great benefits that come with modular and appreciate that it is a green method of construction. The way modular construction works is by building the walls and other major components in a factory. This leads to a more efficient building process with considerably less waste than traditional construction. After the components are completed, they are shipped to the job site where they are quickly assembled.

Press boxes can also be equipped with a host of accessories and accommodate a wide variety of tasks. HVAC systems and various lighting make for a comfortable atmosphere as well as the ability to incorporate various windows and doors. Furthermore, these boxes can be painted a variety of colors and powder coating is also available for the metal parts of the building. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly option for painting all metal surfaces of the press box. Powder coating is far more durable than liquid paint and is resistant to chipping and fading.

In conclusion, press boxes are used in many athletic fields and stadiums. Due to the varying size and shapes of stadiums, custom boxes are often preferred. Modular construction offers a cost effective solution that is easily customizable.

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