Propane Fire Pit – Prices and Functions

If you are looking to buy a propane fire pit but don’t know where to buy one, maybe this article will help you. Searching for a fire pit can be overwhelming. Having all the needed information in one place can help you save time and money. Below are many different places you can purchase your next propane fire pit. has one called Capri Tabletop for $249.99. It is made out of stainless steel and the glass provides a back drop for the flames. Another one that you can buy from this company is the Humboldt Steel one for $299. It is a little bit campfire and a little bit fire place. Lowe’s has a propane fire pit table for $179.09. It is a 42 inch Weave Conversation Fire pit with 4 stools. It burns firewood and charcoal and comes with a vinyl covering to protect the pit. The Home Depot has a gas one with a slate table for $574. The unit runs off of a standard grill tank which is not included. It comes with Lava rocks and artificial logs. It has variable settings for you to choose how high you want the flames. has a square slate marble outdoor liquid one for $539.96. It is a cast iron burner that has a hidden control panel with an electric ignition. It comes with a protective covering. has an outdoor propane fire ring named Springfield for $999. It is big enough to accommodate 4 oversized lounge chairs. The base is made out of aluminum and fiberglass and the bowl is made out of steel. The propane tank is not included but once you have one it can be accessed through a hidden glide out drawer. has a portable propane fire pit called Camp Chef Portable Campfire Fire Ring for $79.99. It is a high pressure burner which includes lava rocks and a carry bag. has one called Yukon Legend for $189.95. This product can be moved to your backyard or a campground. It features a ceramic log set, cooking rack, and carrying handle and cover. Target has a couple of pits as well. One of them is the Camp Chef Del Rio for $249.99. This product comes with lava rocks and is made out of antiqued copper.

In conclusion, these are just some of the places that you can find your propane fire pit. Now that you have all the needed information go out there and get you one and start enjoying some quality time around the campfire.

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