Several Solutions For Scorpion Pest Control

Scorpions can enter your home unintentionally. For example, they can be found in firewood and boxes brought inside from outdoor storage areas. You can treat these scorpions by consulting a pest management professional, recommending decreasing populations, and applying insecticides at entry points. If you notice multiple scorpions inside a building, renew your inspection. Using a black light to inspect walls and floors can help you detect several scorpions in a single visit.

Exclusion measures

If you find scorpions in or around your home, exclusion measures will help you get rid of them. One of the best ways is to seal off weep holes in your brick veneer. If you can’t seal them off, try using air-permeable screens in these areas. Another effective way to eliminate scorpions is to use insecticides, but make sure to use them in the proper locations.

Different Methods of Scorpion Pest Control

There are several methods of scorpion pest control. Demon WP and Onslaught Fastcap are practical products that kill scorpions on contact and remain effective for three to four weeks. Sticky traps and essential oils may also prove effective for your scorpion pest control needs. The scorpion pest control Las Vegas uses several methods, including eco-friendly and natural products. The company works with customers to determine which way is best for their unique situation.

Onslaught Fastcap kills scorpions on contact

Onslaught Fastcap Microencapsulated Insecticide is a fast-acting, residual insecticide for scorpions and spiders. Unlike other insecticides, FastCap provides continuous control even after the pests have been killed. The product is available in both indoor and outdoor formulas. The product has multiple ingredients for superior knockdown and residual control. It is an excellent option for spot and crack, and crevice treatments.

Onslaught FastCap Spider and Scorpion Insecticide is a liquid pesticide that provides quick knockdown and residual control. It is highly effective for controlling insect infestations and can be used in areas where food is consumed. You can apply the product to soil, turf, and cracks. It is a very safe and effective insecticide for scorpions and spiders. Onslaught FastCap is available in aerosol and liquid concentrate formulations, making it easy to apply to the area.

Demon WP kills scorpions for up to 3-4 weeks.

Demon WP is an insecticide formulated for indoor and outdoor use. It is a wettable powder formulation that controls spiders, cockroaches, and scorpions. It is safe for children and pets. Use Demon WP in areas that are out of reach of small children. The product is effective for up to three to four weeks. It is also effective for removing eggs from nests.

The Onslaught Fastcap is specially designed for scorpion control. It kills scorpions and spiders on contact and leaves behind a residual barrier that continues to kill them for three to four weeks. Demon WP is a comparatively more powerful insecticide, effective for killing scorpions in a crawl space. It contains Cyfluthrin, a highly toxic insecticide that kills scorpions and spiders.


Although most insecticides are ineffective against scorpions, you can still use them to get rid of them. Just be sure to choose insecticides designed for scorpions. Generally, they do not work as well on scorpions as those used for other pests. Insecticides for scorpions include Cyfluthrin, bifenthrin, permethrin, and tralomethrin.


A common scorpion entry point is a torn door or window screen. This opening provides an excellent environment for the scorpion to enter your home. Also, scorpions can enter your home through vents and holes in walls. To prevent scorpion infestation, use weatherstripping around windows and doors. Repair or replace cracked or broken weatherstripping as necessary. Lastly, check the condition of your window screens and adjust the weatherstripping on doors.

Try Essential oils

Essential oils can repel scorpions, you can try some of the following essential oils, but be very careful around pets and children. Some essential oils are toxic, so you have to be extra cautious about the safety of your family and pets. If you do have pets, you should consider using peppermint oil. Other essential oils may be too intense for cats, so use essential oils with caution around cats. But if you are sure they won’t harm your pets, you can try essential oils.

Sticky traps

Glue-based scorpion and insect traps are an environmentally-friendly and safe way to get rid of these insects. Glue traps are easy to use and secure for residential and commercial settings. The bait that is used to attract insects is pesticide-free. They work by attracting scorpions to the glue bait. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using sticky traps, continue reading!

Insecticides for scorpions are available as cut-rate aerosols. These products are safe to use once they dry, so pets and children can’t get near them. However, unlike sticky traps, these products are not effective against full-scale scorpion infestations. While they effectively prevent infestations, their residual effect is not as long as other methods. They’re not suitable for residential areas.