Signs of a Badly Finished Exterior Paint Job

A badly finished paint job on your exteriors might be noticed almost immediately after job completion or it could take a few weeks to become evident. Regardless of the outcome, you’d come to realize that you should have spent more time researching the right exterior painting contractor

You can’t help it, as they are a handful of painters out there who work with a team of inexperienced technicians. Many don’t even bother providing the right training. Working with an unqualified team of painters leaves you with a bad result. The paint jobs do not adhere to the walls, not to mention protect the exterior surfaces. 

Signs of a Bad Exterior Paint Job

How can you tell if an exterior paint job is bad? Many signs tell if you just hired an inexperienced painter for your exterior paint job. While some signs are evident immediately, others take time, possibly weeks or months, to become evident. Here are some of the signs of a badly finished exterior paint job. 


Painting on a wet or dirty surface could lead to blisters on the wall. Blisters occur almost immediately after completing the painting job. In some cases, it can take days after the application for the signs to become obvious. Most blisters will crack open, exposing the wall surface to further damage

Air Holes

Some painters skim on their paint job due to limited resources. In a bid to maximize resources, inexperienced painters will sometimes apply one coat of paint, leaving air holes in the walls. Apart from the fact that air holes make the newly painted walls look bad, they make the walls vulnerable to damage due to the risk of exposure to harmful elements. 

The general rule of thumb for interior painting is to apply multiple coats to exterior surfaces.


Another sign of badly painted exterior jobs is cracks. Your walls will begin to crack and peel a few weeks after the paint job. This is due to the excessive use of water in mixing the paint. A professional painter knows the right amount of water to use to get the best out of their paints. Excessive water in paint products makes them too thin, resulting in the loss of its protective properties. 


Whether it’s cracks, air holes, or blisters, hiring inexperienced painters for your exterior painting job will cause you more harm than good. Apart from the additional expenses you will incur, a bad painting job leaves your wall aesthetically unpleasing. 

You can avoid these problems by hiring professional painters. In your quest for an exterior painting contractor, be sure to do your homework. Ask relevant questions. Ask for references so you can get an idea of their painting skill level. Schedule a face-to-face appointment with the painting company to have a feel of who you are dealing with and what they will offer. 

No doubt, a professional exterior painting contractor may be expensive, but it’s worth every penny. You will be glad about the final result. 

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