Small Bathroom Remodeling 101

One of the real challenges of remodeling a bathroom is making full use of what is available, and when it comes to space most New York homeowners are left with less than what they would have wanted.  But even with this limitation, you can still achieve utter luxury, appeal and functionality all at once.  With a good dose of creativity, good eye for products and features, and the help of a qualified contractor, success is possible.  And to help you out, here are practical small bathroom remodeling tips applicable whether you are in Staten Island, Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens.

Doing things right the first time is crucial in whatever home improvement project.  Having said this, our small bathroom remodeling 101 will discuss the keys to any home improvement project’s success, and these are:

1.    Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Finding a qualified bathroom remodeling contractor is a must that you should never do your project without.   Unless you are a contractor yourself, the possibilities of doing things right without the needed expertise and skills is extremely slim.  So if you cannot afford to jeopardize the project and waste money, time and effort; then better start looking for the best contractor to hire.

2.    Small Bathroom Remodeling Plan

Never tackle your small bathroom remodeling project unprepared!  How well thought of your plan was will definitely reflect on the result of the project.  This makes the planning stage as important as the actual construction phase.  In your plan, consider:

o    Having a concrete idea.  Find inspiration from all resources and choose one that perfectly pictures how your planned bathroom will look.

o    Establish a flexible budget and stick with it.

o    With the idea and budget set, draft the layout with your hired contractor.  When doing so, aim not only for maximized use of space to come up with a fully functional result but an appealing one as well.

Focus the plan on freeing up floor space, creating a roomier feel and maximizing storage using the least square feet.  Here are tips to achieve these:

–    If you have to choose between a shower and a tub, a shower could save you more space but if you personally prefer tubs, then pick a model that is smaller but deep-soaking.

–    Take full advantage of bright lighting both artificial and natural. 

–    To optimize your use of lights, avoid locating fixtures that may cause unflattering shadows and use a lot of mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

–    Steer clear from darker hues.  Though they offer an intimate effect, they also make the area look more cramped and this won’t be a favorable move for your small bathroom remodeling project.

3.    Bathroom Product and Features Selection

When shopping for products and features that are ideal to add into your small bathroom remodeling project, keep in mind that models accommodating such issues may still cost the same or even more than standard models.  Other than its space-saving element, there are also other factors to look into like: durability, maintenance, complementing style, and multi-task features.  Choose innovative designs that are fashionably convenient ones that do not sacrifice storage.

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