The Top Questions We Get About Bamboo Flooring


Have you set your sights on installing bamboo flooring in your home? Are you a very little perplexed by what you’ve been studying on the internet?

You are not by yourself. Based on what resource you examine, bamboo is both the greatest or worse product for household flooring.

We drop into the category that thinks it can make a fantastic addition to any property. However, like any flooring choice, you have to recognize how to treatment for and preserve it over time to certainly tumble in appreciate with it, and enjoy it for a long time to come.

We get a good deal of issues about bamboo flooring as people are attempting to slim down their decisions. We thought we’d share them with you listed here to assistance you make up your brain as you are deciding if bamboo flooring will make a welcome addition to your household.

Are there unique forms of bamboo flooring?

Sure, and this is in which a lot of the confusion comes from. Bamboo flooring is normally broken down into two classes: sound and strand woven.

Stable bamboo is a lot more classic, where strips of bamboo are glued together to make a solid and secure flooring masking. It’s manufactured likewise to a traditional oak ground.

The Top Questions We Get About Bamboo FlooringStrand woven is newer and far more ground breaking in know-how. Bamboo is shredded and woven together to create a much better and much more functional flooring. Strand woven is 2 times as strong as a lot more classic oak flooring.

Are there unique sorts of strand woven bamboo flooring?

Of course! Innovation under no circumstances stops, and you are going to uncover that at the time you start hunting at strand woven bamboo flooring. The most prevalent consist of:

Strong strand woven bamboo – this is two times as sturdy as standard hardwood flooring, the place bamboo strands are compressed underneath large stress to develop tough planks. They are milled with a tongue-and-groove construction that permits them to be glued or nailed into position. Like hardwood, they can be refinished many times, supplying you a extensive lifespan.

Engineered strand woven bamboo – this gives a thick strand woven bamboo wear layer more than the best of a long lasting core. Like engineered hardwood, engineered bamboo offers you a tricky, sturdy item that’s even much easier to set up with click on-and-lock technological innovation.

Rigid main strand woven bamboo – want an even stronger core? This could be your reply. These flooring deliver strand woven bamboo on the best layer, with a rigid polymer composite (SPC) core. This tends to make bamboo functional in spots like kitchens, loos, and laundry rooms in which moisture could be a trouble. Some rigid main solutions also come equipped with a padded base that serves as a vapor barrier. This indicates it can be floated immediately in excess of concrete subfloors without will need of an underlayment. If you’ve debated about what to install in your basement, rigid core strand woven bamboo could be your answer.

Is strand woven bamboo flooring eco-welcoming?

Sure! That is what sales opportunities a great deal of owners to seem at bamboo as a flooring choice.

Most of the world’s bamboo is grown in China. Bamboo is a regenerating grass, so it grows a lot more quickly than hardwood trees. That makes it additional sustainable and environmentally helpful.

This regenerative grass matures in five a long time. When harvested, it has self-regenerating properties that will not need replanting.

To be certainly eco-helpful, spend consideration to advancement and harvesting procedures. Glance to be certain the producer follows ideal practices, and enables healthful harvesting and regeneration traits. Certification by businesses this sort of as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) will assure finest procedures.

Is strand woven bamboo flooring better than hardwood?

Like all varieties of flooring, it’s a own choice. Quite a few property owners have set up bamboo flooring and are quite content with the effects. The much more investigate you do about the solution to assure it suits your lifestyle, the far better prospect of getting delighted with the effects.

Hardwood and strand woven bamboo flooring are both created from pure elements, can be refinished many occasions, have a related come to feel and ease and comfort degree, are easy to manage, and are installed in similar manner.

The distinctions contain:

  • Bamboo is made from a regenerative grass, although hardwood arrives from trees
  • Bamboo matures in 5 a long time, whilst hardwood can just take up to 60 several years to attain maturity
  • Bamboo is frequently much more economical than hardwood
  • Strand woven bamboo typically has a Janka hardness ranking of as a lot as a few occasions that of common hardwood

Does strand woven bamboo broaden and contract like hardwood?

Both bamboo and hardwood are built from hygroscopic substance, which usually means they absorb humidity from the air in the surroundings. Both products do well in a balanced moisture surroundings.

When relative humidity decreases, there is a lot less dampness in the air. This triggers the last solution to deal, which can cause gaps in the planks.

As relative humidity rises, it delivers additional humidity to the air. Extra humidity can induce buckling as the closing solution expands.

No matter which product you pick, acclimating it to your home’s natural environment is an important part of the course of action. If humidity is a challenge, appear towards engineered or rigid core.

Is strand woven bamboo flooring tough?

Of course! If you’ve grown to like hardwood, but want anything even far more sturdy, you are going to enjoy what strand woven bamboo provides to your home.

Strand woven bamboo is a strong and tough item. But like any flooring product, it can be harmed over time. If you drag major home furniture across it, you’ll see light scratches. Drop heavy pans or sharp objects, and you may possibly see dents. It can face up to a good deal of stress it just depends on what hits it, and the sum of force behind it.

The important to its good results is routine maintenance. Thankfully, the course of action to keep it cleanse does not acquire way too a lot energy. Use a dust mop or a vacuum with soft, non-rotating bristles to keep dust and debris away. For additional soiled floors or a additional deep cleansing, a simple alternative will do the trick. Look at with manufacturer’s recommendations right before making use of any cleansing product or service to make sure it doesn’t hurt the complete. Never use a moist or steam mop to ensure finest effects.

What questions do you have about strand woven bamboo flooring? 

If we can response any of your issues, give us a phone. Irrespective of whether you’re finalizing your flooring preference, or still have normal concerns, we’re pleased to provide you with sound suggestions.

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