Thoughtful addition doubles size of Kirkwood Victorian | Home & Garden

For Kelly Judge, the charming Victorian in a Kirkwood historic district that she and husband Pat purchased in 2009 is more than a house — it is a huge part of her childhood. Built in 1883, the house previously belonged to her paternal grandparents. Growing up nearby, Kelly says, “I spent every weekend here playing with my cousins. All of our holidays were here. We had lots of spaghetti dinners here. It’s a really special house.”

Kelly Judge bought her grandparents Kirkwood home with her husband, Pat. Since then, they have doubled the size of the home, photographed on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, with an expansion and a new garage giving extra room for activities for them and their kids. Photos by Christian Gooden, [email protected]

Kelly’s grandmother was raised in Kirkwood and bought the house with her grandfather in 1963 for just $17,000. A third-generation Kirkwoodian, Kelly grew up in her parents’ home just a few minutes away. When she and Pat got married, her grandparents were still living in the house. “I told them that if it ever worked out, we’d love to buy it.”

As her grandparents aged, the home’s staircase became challenging for them. As fate would have it, a one-story ranch came up for sale just a couple of blocks down the street. When that opportunity presented itself, they knew the time was right and sold the house to Kelly and Pat. When they moved in, their son Quinn, now 14, was just 4 years old, and their daughter Abbey, now 11, was a newborn.

While Kelly’s grandfather passed away in 2016, her grandmother, who turns 95 this month, still lives up the street, and Kelly sees her every couple of days. Her uncle, cousin and dad all still live nearby, as does Pat’s mom, so the house remains the center of regular family gatherings.