Upside Down Garden

An upside down garden is not only a great idea but it works wonders too. Now you don’t need to be an expert in growing a garden, neither will you need to do a lot of hard work to get a decorative and great looking garden. All you need are hanging garden planters and you are on your way.

Some of the advantages that are hanging garden containers have:

-Hanging containers are ready to be used and come with their own instructions for filling the soil and planting the seedling. In other manual planters, you would need to make the planters from the scratch. Moreover, pre made planters have standard holes and standard sizes. You may not find the perfect container sizes right away if you make your own. Also you would need a drill or a utility knife to make a hole. Not many time starved people would want to invest their time and energy in making the containers.

-These containers can be used for growing various types of vegetables, herbs and flowers for a great looking garden that happens to be upside down.

-Since plants growing upside down do not touch the ground, there is less possibility of weeds and insects destroying the blossoms or the fruits. It also reduces the chances of the fruits rotting away.

-Watering the seedlings is quite simple. The plants are often healthier when they are grown in hanging planters.. The nutrients and water flows directly through the plants via gravity making them vibrant and healthy. The pre made planters so readily available are very reasonably priced and can be shipped to any place that you want.

-The planters can be shifted around and this will allow you’re upside down gardening pleasure to be taken with you if you plan to shift your home. Your hanging garden can be created on a terrace, balcony and any open space that you may have. Since these planters can get very heavy, it’s advised that they should be secured according to the instructions. Else your tomato planter has a great chance of falling on the ground and becoming a ground garden.

Inserting the seedling

For growing upside down tomatoes in a hanging planter, all that is required is some good potting soil that should have been mixed with compost and fertilizer. You can get ready made potting soil which has a mixture of all three from your nearest garden shop. Now choose the plant seedlings that you require for your hanging garden.

Before inserting the plants in the containers, all you need to do is remove the holding cup. Slowly ease in the seedling and leave as much of the stem as you can. The stem will sprout more roots giving added advantage to the plant.

Watering the plant

Fill the container with potting soil using a small cup. If you fill the planter directly from a heavy potting soil bag, then your seedling can be damaged.

When it’s filled adequately, replace the top lid of the container (the container comes with its own lid). Add a gallon of water to the container such that the soil is adequately moist. This helps the plant to soak up the nutrients. It will make your upside down garden healthier.

Ensure that you follow these steps for getting the upside down garden that you want.

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