What is Garden Drip Irrigation?

Are you planting and preparing your gardens? If so, now is the time to think about watering your garden vegetables and flowerbeds. Drip irrigation, also called trickle irrigation, is a method of watering garden plants and flowers. A drip irrigation system carries water directly to the base of each individual plant, where it drips slowly, so that less water is wasted. Drip systems are often used in farms and large gardens, but are equally effective in your home garden. Drip irrigation kits are easily customizable and can be set up even by inexperienced gardeners. Putting a drip system into your garden is a great do-it-yourself project that will ultimately save you time, water, and money. Plus it will help your plants to grow.

The advantages to Garden Drip Irrigation in many cases is an ideal watering method. by directing water only to where it is needed, it saves water and fertilizer while reducing soil erosion and nutrient leaching. It can be used in irregular, non-level gardens. Most importantly, for many gardeners, it saves time, labor, water, and energy. It is easy to install and most kits you only need a few tools and with some kits, you just need a good pair of scissors.

The Disadvantages to drip irrigation is mostly related to maintenance and up keep. Because there are many components involved, parts will occasionally need replacing…or they’ll come loose, causing water waste. The cost of the some materials can make drip systems expensive to set up. Systems can clog when using unfiltered water or when lacking regular maintenance. No worry!! There are several systems or drip kits available, which include a filter system and has parts such as tees, elbows, pressure regulators and extra drip tubing that are inexpensive.

Now loaded with some new information, you need to do some research. Find a drip kit that has no moving parts and requires no electricity. Using the water pressure is the best solution for your drip kit. Simple plastic drip tubing with emitters about 12 inches apart, with plastic tees and elbows. Make sure the drip kit has a pressure regulator because most garden drip system require very low water pressure. Also be sure to have some type of filter system to reduce the chance of clog emitters. And if you take the time to roll up the drip tubing in the Fall, these types of systems can last you for years.

Do your part now and start saving water and money. Purchase a Garden Drip Irrigation Kit. It will be a great investment for reaping a bountiful vegetable Harvest and keeping your flowerbeds blooming all summer long.

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