What is the main reason to choose elastomeric roof coatings?

What is Elastomeric Roof Coatings?

Elastomeric Roof Coatings are used as a protection or coating for exterior surfaces and projects. The coating acts as a waterproof and sealing layer. It fills up small holes and cracks and binds perfectly with the surface.

Why should you choose elastomeric roof coating? What are its key properties and benefits?

  • Elastomeric roof coating paints are liquid yet they are 10 times thicker than the standard paint as it contains more latex, which allows them to be more durable and flexible while applying. The application of the coating is the same as that of other paints, with brush or rollers. The coating can be directly applied in place of normal paint or can be applied to fix or repair the existing paint.
  • As the name suggests, the main reason to choose Elastomeric roof coatings is that it’s elastic and it can be stretched and brought back to its original state. It can last for 10-15 years with very little maintenance required unless there is extreme damage because of unusual circumstances.
  • One of the properties of elastomeric roof coating is that it also protects the surface from harmful UV radiations because of the extra solid it contains. The solids create a slightly thicker layer of protection when it dries out. This property helps the paint in adhering to most of the surfaces be it concrete, wood, fiber, metal, etc. It does not just protect the surface but also resists harmful rays and stops them from entering your house, and acts as a sunblock. While protecting from excess heat, it saves the roof or walls from the damage that can be caused because of the expansion and contraction due to changing temperature during the day and night.
  • Another benefit of choosing elastomeric roof coating depends on the color you prefer to apply. The white color will reflect the sunlight, keeping the house cooler during the summers. If you choose grey paint it will help in keeping the house warmer up to 2 or 3 degrees Celsius. It can be used extensively on the walls and roofs of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
  • One of the main reasons why you should prefer elastomeric paint is because of its waterproof dirt proof, and flexible nature. The paint is capable of stretching at least twice its original length, which makes it’s easier to apply and cover the larger surface area in lesser paint. Apart from that the coating also protects the structures from damages as it completely hardens and bonds with the surface. Water and dirt resistance makes it even better for surfaces as it looks clean most of the time. Therefore, it is considered a great option for steep-sloped roofs. 

What should you consider while choosing an elastomeric coating?

There are different varieties and formulas of Elastomeric roof coatings. With different compositions of chemicals, the paint can be made for different purposes. The 4 different types are Butyl, Acrylic, Polyurethane, and Silicone. Most commonly used are acrylic and silicon-based coatings as they last longer and are easier to apply. Butyl is less common as it doesn’t provide UV protection. Polyurethane is the least preferred because disposal of polyurethane sheets, later on, harms the mother earth.