Warm Springs Village ACC addresses advancement

The ACC has permitted most of the Siega subdivision. The new homes have contributed to the growth of HSV in the past two years. Twenty lots were originally platted, 15 have sold, 6 of which are under construction, 5 homes closed, and 2 lots sold to neighboring houses.

The Warm Springs Village architectural management meeting is being held in the Ouachita Home at the Ponce de Leon Heart on the Woodlands Auditorium campus. HSV advancement is holding the team of nine occupied.

6 new residences have been permitted, two permits were placed on the agenda when four additional ended up reviewed in the office and did not show up on the agenda. Two houses located on 1 and 2 Siega Lane are illustrations of the genuine estate boon. Siega is a new subdivision where by 15 of the 20 platted spaces are sold.f

ACC chair Janet Rowe and board member Tucker Omahundro spoke briefly. Omahundro talked about how the House Owner’s Association Board is in the process of analyzing assessments and comparing the info with other gated communities within just the United States.